1)     Mohammad Shahjahan – Chairman/CEO: Has received education in the field of garment and textile technology. Served in leading garment groups in top management positions for the last 15 years. An expert in planning, marketing and administration in Apparel business. Attained a vast knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and trading of garments for more than 15 years. Visited quite frequently around the world in connection with the business in the field of apparels, E-mail:, – Cell: +880 181 555 7830, +880 1815557831.

2)    Major SK Jalal Ahmed – Director Overseas: Has received MBA ,Major in Business Administration, from Belford University, Texas, USA. Extensive experience in Planning & manufacturing garments on orders from Buyers like Wal-Mart, K Mart, J.C Penny  and other Brands starting from sample approval to outsourcing, negotiating, progress monitoring, quality assurance, shipments all related matters.  Cell : + 1(347) 357-1250 . E-mail :

3)      Mrs. Afrina Khanam – Director Compliance.  Has vast experience in Apparel Manufacturing as well as Compliance & workers safety matters as she received adequate   education in relevant subjects .  E-mail: ,