At the front line of out shine’s operations, is its Merchandising team.A highly qualified and experienced professionals at every level – from dealing with fabrics, ordering accessories to costing and communicating continuously with buyers –

Outshine Trading’s Merchandising team remains unparalleled in knowledge, efficiency and communication skills. The team is housed at sales office and has set up a technological infrastructure that provides easy communication around the world.


To deal moderately, frankly and honestly with all employees, customers and suppliers. To combat corruption whenever or wherever it occurs to value and support each others contribution to ensure equality of opportunity for all and combat discrimination whenever or wherever it occurs to always obtain the best value from the resources available.

Some of our Major Buyers are:

Eugene Gagnon Distribution- Jackfield (Canada), Alpha 6 Distribution(USA),Sapko International Inc.(U.S.A), Hagger(Canada), FSK (France) , Aldi (Germany), Bacau Dalloz (France) & Walmart (Canada), Camomilla(Italy).