Fulfill Customer Demand –

Outshine Trading Manages its own supply chain with specially nominated yarn, fabric and accessory suppliers based across Bangladesh and Asia with numerous joint ventures and exclusive marketing and production agreements with suppliers who have flexible manufacturing systems and minimum inventories of raw materials.

We are able to handle orders of any volume, style and colour with short lead-time by continuously negotiating with raw material suppliers to ensure its vendor purchase raw material at preferential rates.

Standard Quality Control & Quality Assurance –

Outshine Trading managed by a well-built team of textile and garment professionals who have practical experience in various stages of manufacturing that enable them to analyze and foresee potential problems and plan the necessary solutions. In doing so, all issues are controlled and resolved before they become insoluble-

We ensure extensive QC monitoring and controlling systems right from the raw materials, sample development, pre-production, bulk production to product packing, meeting and surpassing the required quality of standards by buyer.

Our QA team consist of specially chosen capable pro-active and result oriented people. QC and QA grouped by buyers and factories, mastering the right quality from the first time, paying attention to details and achieving its defect rate, quality confidence level to the standard norms.